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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

It is $100 per player for all season. This covers things like field fees and tournament registrations

Who can join?

We take in boys and girls ages 7-18

How do I reach out if I have additional questions?

Message us through our contacts page, shoot us an email at, or hit us up on Facebook

I was told my child also needs to register with USA Rugby, how do I do that?

Registration with USA Rugby is mandatory for all players, youth and adults, who compete in rugby in the US. You can register your child as a youth player through Rugby Xplorer.

What kind of experience does my child have to have to join?

No experience necessary! Our coaches will meet your child at whatever their ability or rugby knowledge level is. 

Here are a few links to youth rugby information:

Rugby 101 Video

Basic Rules for Kids

How and Why to Introduce Kids to Rugby

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